In light of the COVID–19 (Corona Virus) “Stay in Place Order”, issued by Governor Pritzker, our Lake Forest office is closed to our staff and to all visitors.  Nonetheless, phone calls are being taken or forwarded to our voice mailbox and are being checked regularly.  As such, we remain available to our clients for calls during regular business hours.  Due to our technology we have access to our files and can support your needs during this challenging time.  As always, communication through email and text are available, as well.  Our main goal is to protect our clients, their businesses and families from exposure to COVID-19.  We all must do our part and take precautions to limit the spread of this life-threatening disease, and the more vigilant we each are the sooner things will return to normal.  

helping people to CREATE, GROW, AND PRESERVE their Legacies

client-centered approach

Lexern Law Group has one objective: to make our clients’ lives easier and give them a piece of mind by helping them to create, grow, and preserve their legacies.

Do you need a trust or estate planning lawyer who can protect your best interests? We’ve got you covered. We are a business and estate planning law firm with the offices located in Lake Forest, Illinois (Nortern suburb of Chicago), and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are dedicated to providing trust and estate planning services to families and business owners like you.


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You may feel like everything is going well right now. You have a nice job (or business), your house is (or almost) paid-off and you bought a small vacation home in a “warm state,” you saved some money for your retirement nest egg, your kids are moving-on with their lives and are successful, and your grandchildren make all the sacrifices that you made while raising your own children worth it. Everything seems fine at the moment…. But what happens if you run into an unfortunate event or a health problem on your life journey? Will you be able to weather the storm? Or, will you have to shift the burden to your children? You need an estate plan to preserve your legacy from creditors’ claims for your children and grandchildren.

Comprehensive estate planning is more than just a process of preparing a will and power of attorney to be used in the event of death or disability. The proper estate planning process involves an evaluation of the individual’s and family’s entire financial situation, unique objectives, health conditions and financial concerns, a careful analysis of the asset preservation opportunities, and a consideration of the family’s dynamics and relationships among the beneficiaries. Each of these aspects plays an important role in the creation of a comprehensive estate plan.

why lexern law group?

You believe you deserve a law firm that focuses on your needs, rather than on the firm’s bottom line. So do we. Client service is the foundation of our firm. Our business and estate planning attorneys value client relationships and spend time getting to know your goals and aspirations because we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Instead, we examine each client’s business and estate planning situation on a case-by-case basis and provide unique legal solutions.

Our clients are our number-one priority and we work tirelessly to ensure they are satisfied.  It’s amazing what happens when everything we do centers on you.  Call us at 847-777-6838.


Business owners thinking about their succession planning


succession planning

For many families and closely held business owners, succession planning is one of the toughest and most critical challenges they face.  So, many business owners delay their succession planning as long as they can.  Yet, succession planning presents a great opportunity for families to maximize their tax savings and create a multi-generational legacy that represents the family’s values and mission for generations to come.

We can help business owners with multi-generational succession planning by helping them to address issues related to not only their ownership succession but also management and leadership development.


people think about their estate planning



In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong in your personal or business relationship. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. People get divorced, children are sometimes irresponsible with their money, people get injured and suffer from debilitating health conditions, family disputes can ruin relationships and lead to a long and expensive legal wrangling. Our client-centered approach, however, provides practical solutions that help clients to understand the risks and plan for the future. 

Once an estate plan is created, it must be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect the changes in the family’s circumstances.

hands holding a plant, asset protection and probate avoidance


asset protection

Lawsuits, divorces, disability, health issues, creditors, employee claims, malpractice lawsuits, sexual harassment claims, and disputes among business partners are just a few events that can have devastating effects on the business owners and their hard-earned assets. Business owners who have signed personal guarantees of business loans or long-term leases have the highest risks. Similarly, some professionals, such as doctors, dentists, and chiropractors have a risk of being sued, and their malpractice insurance coverage may not be sufficient to cover all the legal costs and damages. Smart asset-ownership structures can protect you and your business against creditors’ collection actions.


father sitting with a child, incapacity plannning


incapacity planning

Incapacity planning includes a Durable Power of Attorney for Property, Power of Attorney for Health Care, HIPAA Authorization, and Living Will.  These essential documents will help you to ensure that your loved ones can take care of your medical and immediate financial needs should you become incapacitated and unable to manage your own legal, financial, and medical affairs. 

This plan allows you to save time and avoid the complexities, expenses, and inconveniences associated with the court proceedings and supervision for “living probate.”






Oleg Feldman is the “entrepreneur’s attorney” and I don’t know what we’d do without him. His expertise in the various nuances of business law have made us smarter, more responsive, more strategic, and more at ease. He is truly a trusted advisor who I can count upon for wise counsel in situations that vary from the mundane to the critical. As a CEO, I feel more confident about the future, knowing that Oleg is by our side. I couldn’t recommend him more highly than I do.


We stopped worrying about what happens to us and our loved ones in the event of an accident or death in the family.  We struggled for years to come up with good estate plan because of the strenuous relationships among our kids and other close family members.   As soon as we hired this firm, we were offered to mediate a meeting among our children and the family members.  After several hours of intense discussions, we were able to reach a compromise.   They really know their stuff and helped us immensely to bring peace to the family. 

About Our firm

We are a business and estate planning law firm dedicated to helping our clients to anticipate and avoid legal and estate planning problems before they effectuate into major and costly issues.  

We create long-term relationships and treat our clients with the compassion, respect, and admiration they deserve. We like to think that Lexern Law Group offers a rare combination of legal knowledge as well as honest and practical legal advice that our clients just won’t find anywhere else.

To learn more about our firm and it’s client-centered service approach, please visit our firm’s mainwebsite.  This website has been created exclusively to provide information for the families and elderly people in need of estate planning services.

To learn how it feels to be the center of attention, call us at 847-777-6838.


Develop Your Path to Peace of Mind

When people hire an attorney, they are often in a crisis and are feeling high levels of stress. In such instances, it’s important to hire an attorney who genuinely cares about his or her clients, their families, their careers, and even their emotions. For those reasons, we make sure our clients not only receive high-quality legal services, but also the reassurance they seek and deserve.

Lexern Law Group was founded with a clear purpose and a singular promise – to share our deep expertise in business and estate planning with the business owners and their families who need us most. Our name embodies this very concept. “Lexern” is a combination of the Latin word “Lex” (meaning “law”) and “Ern” (is a derivative of “earn” or “be worthy of”).

It’s always a good idea to know who you’re working with, and we don’t want to be just names on the internet or voices on the telephone.We like to get to know our clients, and it helps us create the best possible business and estate planning solutions for families and business owners.

You’re unique, and we want to make sure we show that to our clients, so you and your family members have peace of mind that you took the necessary steps to preserve your legacy and transition your business to the new generation.  The goal is to give your loved ones the opportunity to continue to grow and preserve your legacy for the generations to come.